The sur-mesure bridal White Collection, is a genuine couture collection of the Ioanna Kourbela designer brand. This season, the bridal collection, already consisting of a complete selection of unique and distinctive designs, was revived with twelve new creations that serve Ioanna’s distinctive design vision.

Immaculate handmade bridal dresses, crafted from the finest materials such as silk tulle, delicate draped sequin, cotton lace and appliqué embroidery, compose the designer’s proposal for this special day…

Τhe purity of white has relieved my imagination of past memories.

I set myself free to the impression that the materials create through their purity.

The soothing characteristic of white led to an exclusive selection of fabrics and designs.

Creating a new color palette.

A bridal collection that accompanies the female figure, with the purpose of emphasizing deep emotions and the uniqueness of the sacrament.

The White Collection is available exclusively in the Ioanna Kourbela showroom, by appointment only. For further information please contact us by telephone at +30 2109942731 or email at